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Victoria Brook's Greatest Escapes Travel Webzine is a candid and honest worldwide guide to fabulous places, adventure travel, offbeat travel, cheap travel, cyber travel, business travel, romantic escapes, retirement and great deals.

Latest Article:

Residence on the Rocks (Paradise Regained)

Victoria Brooks

A villa exquisitely fashioned from Colonial times in Africa and South East Asia

Recent Articles:

I am Mena House

Victoria Brooks

A luxurious stay in the incomparable and historic Mena House Hotel overlooking Egypt's Great Pyramid Kufu has Victoria's imagination conjuring up a lusty lovelorn story where Mena House's famous walls literally have ears

The Caves of Hercules

Victoria Brooks

A 'burnt-out-case' wanders aimless and carefree in an exotic landscape far from home in both thought and temperament.

Mashed Sweet Potato Recipe

Recipe by the Caves

A perfect exotic alternative to mashed potatoes.

A recipe excerpt from Famous Faces, Famous Places and Famous Food.

Chasing 'Papa'

Victoria Brooks

Smoking and drinking with Hemingway's ghost


Victoria Brooks

An odd tale set nowhere and about nothing but the human heart.

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