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Sea-Monkeys Take Victoria

Sea-Monkeys reading map - copyrighted photo used with permission.Recently I had the pleasure of taking my Sea-Monkeys on holiday to both Victoria (my provincial capital), on Vancouver Island, and Galiano Island, in British Columbia, Canada. Unfortunately London Drugs -- a large drug store chain in British Columbia -- messed up most of the pictures of the Sea-Monkeys feasting on the "Scram Slam" at Denny's, and visiting the provincial parliament buildings. But we managed to get a few to prove that we were actually there!


Galiano Island is one of the many beautiful Gulf Islands, stretching in a lazy chain between the mainland of British Columbia and Vancouver Island. It is suggested that you visit this area if you are in the mood for amazingly beautiful scenery and nice people. It is not suggested that you visit this area if you crave excitement. Don't get me wrong, if you are in the mood for whale watching this is the place to be, but if you are of a mind to spend some quality time enjoying theme parks or any form of night life this is probably going to be quite the disappointment.

Mind you, we did have fun frolicking in the surf at the provincial park and eating some local bread, but I couldn't wait to get on one of the two ferries which service the island each day.

Victoria, the capital of British Columbia, is generally teeming with politicians and tourists alike (I advise avoiding the politicians at all costs.) It's hard to capture the beauty of this city in a few pictures and, thanks to the photo finishing lab, I didn't have to try. The British influence upon Canada is still alive and well here, with more tea shops than Starbucks and more than a few traditions that can be traced back to Great Britain.

Copyrighted image used with permission.The Sea-Monkeys insisted on visiting the start of the Trans Canada Highway in Victoria. This wonderful highway, stretching from coast to coast of our wonderful country, impressed the Sea-Monkeys to no end. We fought to keep them out of the driver's seat of my little car as they were planning to take this trip. We distracted their attention with....

Copyrighted image used with permission.Pretty flowers! The colours are too distracting for the Sea-Monkeys but we couldn't keep them there for long!

Before long we were in yet another fight to keep them out of the car and interested in the surroundings. This is the plaque that notes the distance to Newfoundland, the other side of Canada, which is approximately 4,426 miles (or 7,121 km, if you are metric) away. The Sea-Monkeys begged and pleaded to visit their aquatic friends in the Maritimes but we didn't have time.

Susan Barclay, DdD (Doctor of Denizens of the Deep)
The Sea-Monkey Answer Lady.

Pay homage to the raw, unbridled power of the mighty Sea-Monkey at the Sea-Monkey Worship Page: users.uniserve.com/~sbarclay/seamonk.htm

For more BC information go to travel.bc.ca