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Orr Hot Springs

Orr logo - used with permission.


Seventies relaxed in natural Northern California

While at Orr Hot Springs, take a few minutes, lay back, relax and dream you are a lumberjack, or perhaps lovely Dorah the Can Can girl.

Dress Code:

Clothing optional when taking the waters; flowered skirts, love beads and acoustic guitars round the camp fires; aprons, homemade bread and granola in the communal kitchen.

An Historic Place:

This once hippie commune (it still feels like one) had its beginnings in the1850’s as a bathhouse to serve Mendocino County’s hard working logging community. From the 1870’s to the 1890’s, Orr Hot Springs was a rollicking playground for the lumberjacks who lived from the bounty of Northern California’s tall redwoods. It was a popular spot for the men to relax and entertain, especially with a dancehall, saloon and hotel on the premises.

Orr Sign copyright Victoria Brooks.The hotel was frequented by visiting families of the loggers. Who knows how many wives spent sleepless nights imagining what Dorah did. Dorah danced each night except Sunday at the saloon. Sweet faced Dorah had been lured from nearby Ukiah by tall lumberjacks, even taller redwoods and the almighty American dollar. Show time in the saloon Dorah danced the can can. She threw her cotton stockinged legs higher than the other girls and her smile was as wide as the view of the Northern California sky. Show time at the saloon was Dorah’s favorite hour. While she alternately shook and raised her skirts, she kept an eye out for the loggers that kept their eye on her. But Dorah was no dumb dancer -- she always collected before the men collected from her. While Dorah lay supine on a damp mattress she would imagine she was a tall felled redwood tree -- worth a packet to any man. In the late 1930’s the hotel burnt down and a lodge and eight bungalows were built. These now function as the main buildings for Orr Hot Springs.

In 1975 Orr was sold to a group of hippies who grew produce (and probably other crops) on the land when they weren’t busy soaking in the natural mineral waters and sucking on reefers. Now the atmosphere seems not much different than it would have in the seventies -- it is still the hippie life.

Orr garden copyright Victoria Brooks.This is a clothing optional spa with communal kitchen (clean up yourself) and basic accommodations. There are 11 campsites, a dormitory room that sleeps 12, 14 rooms and three cottages with kitchen and bathrooms (toilet and sink only). Public bathrooms are available. Group rates and day use rates also available. Massages from US$30. The view from the waters is far out, the pool cool man and the atmosphere a definite high.

Telephone (707) 462 6277 for information and reservations.

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Northern California Handbook
2th edition (1994)
Kim Weir

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